Defining Aggression: Views from Biology, Psychology, and the Neurosciences

This webinar provides an insightful overview of neurosciences and the two main behavioral sciences that concern wild and domestic canids. We will explore different types of aggression, categorizing them based on brain systems or social and ecological functions, and delve into models that have stood the test of time. 

The focus will be on descriptive models derived from ethology, and we'll discuss the extraction of data from social interactions in dogs using a 'sociogram' (a social ethogram), which will be briefly explained. Finally, we will connect aggression to the limbic system: the wild card of aggression.

Ever wondered about the intricacies of canine behavior? Join us for an enlightening webinar with renowned expert Dr. Simon Gadbois, where we delve into the fascinating world of neurosciences and behavioral sciences in wild and domestic canids.

What's included?

  • CEUs

    1.5 CEUs approved for CCPDT, IAABC, and KPA

  • Q&A Time with Tim and Mike!

    30 minutes of bonus Q&A time with Dr. Simon Gadbois included in the recording!

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Your Speaker!

Dalhousie University | Dal · Department of Psychology and Neuroscience PhD

Dr. Simon Gadbois

Simon Gadbois is a behavioural scientist and neuroscientist that integrates animal experimental psychology (learning and sensory processing), ethology and neuroscience in his study of wild and domestic canids. He is the director of the Canid and Reptile Behaviour and Olfaction Laboratory at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. His team is currently focusing on applications of olfactory processing in dogs, in particular, Wildlife Conservation Canines and Biomedical Detection and Assistance Dogs (for diabetes and PTSD). Previously he studied red foxes, coyotes and wolves including their social behaviour, behavioural endocrinology and natural behaviour patterns.