Course curriculum

  • 1

    A Life of Aggression. Sometimes It’s More About the Journey Than the Destination.

    • Michael Shikashio CDBC

  • 2

    Possession is 10/10th of the Law— What if Resource Guarding Means More Than We Think it Does?

    • Sue Sternberg

  • 3

    Nature Favors the Brave: A Biological Look at Aggression.

    • Tim Lewis PhD

  • 4

    If the Environment Trains Your Dog, Can You Out-Train the Environment?

    • Tim Lewis PhD and Sue Sternberg

  • 5

    Panel Discussion

    • Tim Lewis PhD, Sue Sternberg, Kristina Spaulding PhD, CAAB, and Michael Shikashio CDBC

  • 6

    My Dog Really Did Bite the Mailman: Case Studies and Lessons from Dog to Human Aggression Cases


  • 7

    Heart of the Matter: Understanding the "Why" in Behavior and How to Use That to Make Individualized Training Programs

    • Sean Will M.S. and Maasa Nishimuta M.S.

  • 8

    From Death Row to Deliverance: Practical Approaches to Behavior Change Strategies for Shelter Dogs with a History of Aggression

    • Saharai Salazar

  • 9

    Lip Licks and Tucked Tails: Humane Handling and Restraint in a High Stress World

    • Christine Calder DVM, DACVB

  • 10

    Impulsivity and Aggression

    • Kristina Spaulding PhD, CAAB

  • 11

    It’s Time to See the VB: The Complexity of Aggression Cases Seen by Veterinary Behaviorists

    • Wailani Sung MS, PhD, DVM, DACVB

  • 12

    Roommates Bite: Success in Intrahousehold Aggression

    • Sarah Stremming CDBC

  • 13

    The Importance of Complex Social Lives: Lessons Learned from Streeties

    • Sindhoor Pangal, Director BHARCS

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